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Finding True Happiness

As a Blogger you have to be prepared for all responses and all scenarios. We are interacting with people every day and now with social media, everyone has a voice. Reality is we are all different, it’s what makes the world go around. We can’t be all the same and think the same way, how […]

Who to choose for Caravan and Motorhome Insurance!!

Who should your Caravan, Motorhome or Fifth Wheeler Insurance  be with? We recently had to deal with the Insurance renewal of our Motorhome, and what an experience!! 50% increased premium, 150% increased Excess and an undervalued Agreed Value.     Vehicle Insurance has become one of the most common discussions amongst travellers with lots of […]

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Our 18 months Budget to Travel Australia by Indefinite Leave

Welcome to our third expenses report for Indefinite Leave, having previously provided details after 7.5 months which you can read here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/much-cost-trip/ and 12 months which you can review here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/12-months-costs-expenses-travelling-australia/ This third comprehensive report is after completing 18 months around Oz and we have broken it down to provide a 6 monthly […]


yTravelblog Interview by Indefinite Leave

When we began planning our “around Australia” adventure in January 2015 we spent a lot of time researching where we would go, what we wanted to see and how we should travel. We found lots of avenues for great information like caravan shows, books and other people but undoubtedly online and social media gave us […]

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Travelling Australia is far More than just Adventures

It normal to start off on your adventures of travelling Australia with big beady wide eyes looking for the sights, thinking of the places you will go and the incredible things you will see. You will be expecting to see amazing beaches, massive Gorges, climb mountains, swim, play and meet some wild animals. But you […]