The Best of Broome, Western Australia


The Kimberley region in the north of Western Australia is home to Broome, the areas largest and most popular township.

During winter in the peak season the population trebles as tourists flock to Broome to enjoy the beaches and laidback lifestyle during the dry and warm weather. Tourists fly in from all over Australia and International guests are also able to fly direct to Broome.
Gantheaume Point sunset

Travellers make their way by 4wd and Caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans for the opportunity to see the region and explore its incredible beauty. Many base themselves at Broome before driving off to see amazing Beaches and Gorges or to visit the Pearl Farms that are part of Broome’s long history.

These are our best tips on Things to See and Do in Broome, Western Australia.

Full moon over Cable Beach

Cable Beach
Broome has one of the world’s most renowned beaches, Cable Beach. It is 22.5kms of beautiful pure white sand which meets the pristine Turquoise waters that make this beach so famous.

On a warm sunny day the beach is packed and you can hire an umbrella and deckchairs for you to enjoy your day.

Relax with a deckchair and umbrella at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a very popular vantage spot to watch incredible sunsets or you can drive your 4wd onto the beach and relax while you swim and play and then sit back to enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your vehicle.

It is also home to one of Australia’s most famous nudist beach. To the north of the beach entrance it is clothing optional. Also to the north is where you can choose to ride a Camel.

Camel rides on cable Beach

Late in the afternoon is an interesting time to arrive at Cable Beach. If you time it right you can watch as the crowds walk down the streets armed with cameras for that perfect Sunset photo and the Camels are led, all strung together, down the footpath as they make their way to the beach for an afternoon of entertaining more travellers.

150 metres up the beach is dog friendly and MACKS was able to enjoy a swim and run on the beach.

Often voted as one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, Cable Beach will never disappoint you.

Crowds enjoying Cable Beach

Gantheaume Point
At the very southern end of Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point. Here at very low tides you can walk out around 30-40 metres and see Dinosaur footprints dated as old as 130 million years ago.

The rugged cliff face at Gantheaume Point also provides a stunning viewpoint for the amazing sunsets that Broome is so famous for. The Red sandstone rocks provide the perfect viewpoint to watch as the sun goes down and night begins.

The sunsets from Gantheaume Point are incredible

This is also a fantastic viewpoint to look back up the beach to Cable Beach or take your 4wd onto the sand and enjoy the day right on the ocean doorstep. Just make sure you allow for incoming tide, they do rise fast in this region.

It is accessed by taking the Gantheaume Point turnoff from Gubinge Road, following it for a few kms on bitumen before continuing on dirt road for the last 3 kms to the carpark.

The Worlds oldest operating open air cinema

Sun Pictures
When in Broome, venture to the World’s oldest operating open-air garden cinema, Sun Pictures, and take in a movie in the fresh air and view of the stars above, not just onscreen. Around 10 years after the building was built in the early 1900’s, the cinema opened in 1916 and its history since is amazing. During peak season tours of the Cinema are available.

Stairway to the Moon

Stairway to the Moon is a natural phenomenon that occurs in only a few places and Broome is one of them. Each month the moon peaks at the perfect time for its light to shine on the low tide flats providing an imagery of steps leading all the way into the sky to the moon.

Its reflection off Roebuck Bay provides an ideal vantage point, perfect for absorbing this event. We chose the Mangrove Hotel and enjoyed a late afternoon of a few drinks and dinner before settling in to watch nature take its course.

Website: www.mangrovehotel.com.au
47 Carnarvon Street, Broome

The Mangrove Hotel makes a perfect vantage point for Stairway to the Moon

Fishing Charter
Whilst in Broome, Matt and I ventured out with Absolute Ocean Charters.

We were picked up from our location where we were staying and taken to the beach near Gantheaume Point where an amphibian boat took us across the beach and into the water to our fishing vessel where we boarded for a day on the ocean.

Just a couple of the fish we caught

On our way out we saw Humpback Whales and Manta Rays and a quick attempt to catch some Cobia was unsuccessful. Once we arrived at the first designated location we were quick to take our spots and get a line overboard.

It wasn’t long before the first fish were hooked and whilst some made it to the boat, others were being taken by sharks so we were off to the next spot.

The day turned out to be a challenge with strong currents, sharks and other factors making it difficult but Matt and I did catch some fish we were able to take home.

My first Mackerel

I got my first Mackerel which I was happy about, not big but good fun.

The guys from the Charter were great and they have some very awesome electronics on board to charter a fishing trip.

Ph: 0427 798 155
E: info@absoluteoceancharters.com.au

Horizontal Falls from above

Horizontal Falls
Horizontal Falls is a natural phenomenon located north of Broome and accessed by a Seaplane flight to a pontoon located in the McLarty Ranges in the Kimberley’s. We chose the Full day package adventure with Horizontal Falls Adventures including a flight to Cape Leveque and 4wd back to Broome.

This was an incredible experience and they did way more than expected. We didn’t go through the Falls just once or twice but 11 times. They really provided excellent value. We also did a boat trip through some local Gorges.

Entering Horizontal Falls

The Falls are created by water rushing through a breakwall giving the same effect as a normal waterfall. The waters flow very fast and depending on tides as to how much of a drop there is when going through.

Horizontal Falls also gave us the opportunity to jump in the water next to some Tawny Sharks. Whilst they don’t bite, these guys suck their food so fast you don’t want your hand in the way.
We got in the shark cage swimming right next to them and were then able to feed and pat them. Another part of the incredible experience that is Horizontal Falls.

Tawny Sharks from the shark cage

Cape Leveque
We were so keen to get to Cape Leveque given its incredible beauty but it looked out of our reach in the Motorhome until we became aware of this tour. This is a very remote location of Aboriginal significance. An Eco resort provides accommodation and the beaches and fishing are outstanding.

A fabulous lunch of fresh Barramundi was provided by Kooljaman Wilderness camp at spectacular Cape Leveque. Then it was off to explore the beach where its untouched beauty left us in awe.


A huge day and an unforgettable experience at Horizontal Falls.

Watch our video in Horizontal Falls here – https://youtu.be/5xEzO0z_m7E

Horizontal Falls Adventures

Famous Matso’s Brewery in Broome

Matso’s Brewery
Matso’s Brewery is an absolute must see when visiting Broome.

The Micro Brewery began in the late 1990’s and has won many awards since then. Sit back and relax with a beautiful lunch and one of Matso’s great range of their very popular beers. My favourite though was undoubtedly the famous Matso’s alcoholic Ginger Beer. They are so refreshing and taste fantastic.

60 Hamersley Street, Broome

Adele couldn’t bypass the opportunity for some new Pearls

The Pearl industry has a long history with Broome going right back to the 1880’s. The more experienced Japanese divers were used for finding Pearls until WW2 and Broome has maintained a close relationship with Japan. There are memorials around town and the city also has a Sister City agreement with the Japan city of Taiji.

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm is a current and operational Pearl Farm in Broome and runs tours throughout the year.

Adele couldn’t resist the opportunity and did a little Pearl shopping of her own when we were in Broome.

Town Beach

Town Beach
Town Beach looks out over the spectacular turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay. It’s a popular spot to swim and picnic by the beach and the café overlooking the Bay is also very popular and has stunning views. There’s a children’s playground and small waterpark very close by, guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Town Beach is also another very popular location to watch the Stairway to the Stars. It can get very crowded here so get in early for a spot and relax and enjoy an evening under the stars.

This is a perfect location to chill and enjoy at any time of the day.

Streeters Jetty

Streeters Jetty

Built in the 1880’s, Streeters Jetty was used for Pearl Luggers to unload their cargo. It stretched across the mud flats of Dampier Creek. At 10m tides the Jetty goes underwater.

The Jetty proves to still be popular for tourists who visit each day. It is now Heritage Listed.

Wharf Jetty was closed to the public during our stay in Broome

Wharf Jetty is a deep port jetty built to accommodate large Cargo vessels and cruise ships. It is also a popular fishing jetty however it was closed during our time in Broome.

Further around from the Jetty we came across a beautiful beach and interesting rock formation stretching into the waters. As the tide went out 4wd’s began to enter the beach. People were swimming, fishing and snorkeling and Adele took MACKS in for a swim too.


Travelling in Broome with pets is not easy however here are a few tips on how to handle it.

• wait until near to the end of peak season and some visitors have begun to head south. Early to mid August is probably ideal.
• Choose one of the overflow parks. We stayed at the Seventh Day Adventist overflow and it was excellent.
• If you are having trouble getting in to a caravan park, ring every day between 8-10am, don’t give up, Broome is worth it. As the overflow parks were forced to close we had to find a caravan park to take us. If they say they will ring you, don’t wait for their call, just ring each morning in case of a cancellation or opportunity that may arise.

Entrance to Barn Hill Station

Barn Hill Station
Barn Hill Station is approximately a 1 hour drive south of Broome and is one of the best Campground stays in all Australia. In fact the beach made my #1 beach in Australia – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/best-beaches-australia-1-10/

An active Cattle Station, it sits directly on this amazing coastline where the white sands meet the spectacular waters of the West Coast.

Red Cliffs and White Limestone rock cliffs overlook a stunning beach

The Cliffs overlooking the beach are a mix of Red soil or White Limestone, providing the most incredible views.

Barn Hill Station provides 200 campsites, either powered or unpowered and there’s so much rustic character to the place which makes it unique and fun.

There are corrugated iron toilets and showers with no ceiling, just you and the stars above. It makes for an amazing experience at night.

Lawn Bowls at Barn Hill Station

The Stars really do come out at night here, glistening in the sky like they only do in outback Australia.

Should there be any rumour of a couple matching our description having been seen skinny dipping in the amazing tranquil turquoise waters of Barn Hill Station when the beach appeared entirely deserted, we will neither confirm nor deny said rumours and our response will always be “no comment”.

Have you been to Broome?

Share with us your experience of Broome.

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