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Our 18 months Budget to Travel Australia by Indefinite Leave

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Welcome to our third expenses report for Indefinite Leave, having previously provided details after 7.5 months which you can read here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/much-cost-trip/
and 12 months which you can review here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/12-months-costs-expenses-travelling-australia/

This third comprehensive report is after completing 18 months around Oz and we have broken it down to provide a 6 monthly comparison, percentage of expense, some averages plus a total amount.

We left Brisbane February 1st 2016 and went North in our 8m Winnebago Esperance Motorhome. It’s a 3L Turbo Diesel and we don’t tow any vehicles. This Expenses report covers from the day we left until end of July 2017.

The changes over 18 months are really intriguing. The longer we travel the cheaper it gets. Experience definitely plays a major part.

Each 6 month period our costs have reduced. Since our 12 month mark, the time frame most people do their big lap for, we have seen a significant drop in costs. This potentially means for some travelling Oz, maybe they are finishing just as they become most skilled at travelling on a budget? Or maybe we’re just slow…… :)


It is important to read this report carefully. We really do include every single dollar we spend. Everything is included, nothing is missed!!

Usually when we produce our report we do get feedback that we have spent a lot. It’s true, we have.

We always planned to see as much as we could on this trip and that included doing tours and seeing many of the tourist spots. When we left we didn’t think we’d have another opportunity to see Australia again, it wasn’t our plan. It was to be a one-off two and half year adventure and then go back home. That has changed now but that was the original plan. It’s also important to note that if a dollar comes out of our account or wallet we record it, no exceptions, so comparing our report to others might be misleading. So yes, we have spent a lot but we sure have experienced a bloody lot too.

For the record, the only things we don’t include are our mortgage payments which are covered by our tenant and our Motorhome loan repayments. Also our Phones and Telstra Wifi dongle are not in our expenses.

Kevin has 2 phones, 1 personal phone, an iPhone 6s with Vodafone at $40 per month which provides free calls and texts plus 12gig of data and 1 for his business with Telstra, an iPhone 7, which costs $95 per month and provides 12gig of data. Adele has her Samsung 8 with Telstra at $145 per month which provides 25gig of data. The Telstra wifi dongle is a Nighthawk which costs $70 per month and provides 20gig of data.

Therefore we have 57gig of Telstra data and another 12gig with Vodafone at a cost of $310 per month with Telstra and $40 per month with Vodafone. We don’t record the phones as they are business related expenses paid by our Company.

Wallaman Falls, Nth Qld

As you can see it costs us a fortune to run our business plus the travel blog but it has reduced a lot from when we started our trip. Most of that data is used in uploading videos to YouTube and our Social Media and if you are following us at Indefinite Leave you will have seen our YouTube channel where we now have over 150 videos of every Campground, Free Camp, Caravan Park, Rest Area and Pub Stay across the country. We do that entirely to help other travellers plan their adventure.

Also, we are 3 adults and our son Matt is 24yo, so if you are a couple only, you need to consider there’s probably an extra 30% of our costs which would be attributed to having Matt with us. Matt pays his way by keeping the fridge and freezer full of fresh fish and squid :).

We love having Matt with us and to share this experience with him is incredibly special.

Krys the croc, Normanton Qld

Throughout our 18 month trip we have:

• Replaced all 6 Tyres on the Motorhome

• Completed 3 full services on the Motorhome

• Had radiator replaced plus coolant sensor, coolant tank and 1 windscreen plus had another windscreen repaired.

• Have had the awning, air conditioner and roof hatch replaced under insurance.

• Said goodbye to our beautiful dog MACKS as her arthritis became too bad.

• Completed 45,112kms, visiting every State and Territory except NSW and ACT.

Our Favourite places have been:
Kev – Karijini National Park, Uluru, Quobba
Adele – Natures Window in Kalbarri National Park, Tasmania, Uluru.
Matt – Bruny Island, Darwin, Litchfield National Park

Best things to do:
Kev – swim with Humpback Whales in Exmouth, snorkel at Quobba, Horizontal Falls, Margaret River, swim with Seals in Portland Vic
Adele – Dubbo Zoo, Horizontal Falls, Pennicott Tasman Island cruise, swim with Humpback Whales at Exmouth
Matt – fishing Kangaroo Island, fishing Darwin, Territory Day Darwin, BuleyRockpools

We have flown home to Brisbane 4 times since we left, from Mackay, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. Flight and taxi costs are included in the report.

Number of Boat Trips = 10 – Lady Musgrave Island, Great Keppel Island, Airlie Beach x 3, Horizontal Falls, Rottnest Island, Tamar River, Tasman Island, Bruny Island
Number of Ferry trips = 6 – Fraser Island, Magnetic Island, Daintree River, Sorrento, Spirit of Tasmania, Bruny Island
Plane trips = 6 – To home and back Mackay, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. Also Cairns and Broome for adventure.
Fishing Charters = 5 – Airlie Beach x 2, Mission Beach, Broome and Karumba

States covered – All except NSW.

Our 20 favouriteLow cost Campgrounds are all here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/20-best-free-low-cost-camping-grounds-australia/
Our 13 favourite Free Camps are all here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/13-best-free-camps-australia/

Funniest moments – Adele sand boarding at Sandy Cape in WA and getting down low which generated so much speed she ended up in the bushes – https://youtu.be/BcilkWaEAsU

This was almost matched by her excitement of catching a big Salmon at Spring Beach in Tasmania – https://youtu.be/WEi7lszApxI

Corella Dam, Qld

Ok now on to the expenses.

Groceries $17,664.36

First 6 months = $4673.79
Second 6 months = $7370.23
Third 6 months = $5620.34

The middle 6 months was our longest period of time on the road at 179 days. This was when we were in Western Australia where food costs are generally higher.

Whilst it’s easy to think it’s irrelevant, as we have to eat whether we are at home or on the road, the difference is what we pay. At home you know your local grocery stores and where the best buys are. The prices remain relatively consistent and you can easily budget your food costs week to week.
When travelling Australia you don’t know the best local supermarkets and sometimes they’re not available. Sometimes you pay higher prices to access necessities quickly or you may find fantastic markets where you can buy some groceries at great prices.

Then of course prices do vary, sometimes quite significantly, depending where in the country you are. Therefore costs when travelling can be different to your normal costs at home.

$981.35 Average Grocery cost per month
Groceries are 16.7% of overall costs.

Takeaways $2,610.37

First 6 months = $518.77
Second 6 months = $1544.42
Third 6 months = $868.32

We don’t eat a lot of takeaway, I’m surprised we even spend this much. We do like to drop in to Maccas occasionally for a Frozen Coke and ice cream cone lol.

Takeaway is 2.5% of overall costs

Walkabout Creek Hotel with “that” knife, McKinlay, Qld

Drinks $2,694.15

First 6 months = $602.55
Second 6 months = $1,294.90
Third 6 months = $796.70

This is our drinks cost when not dining and not takeaways.

Drinks are 2.5% of overall costs

Dining out $6,391.69

First 6 months = $3255.52
Second 6 months = $2,304.37
Third 6 months = $831.80

The more we have travelled the more we enjoy our own cooking. We love cooking on the campfire and creating our own meals. A benefit of having a Motorhome is our kitchen is with us everywhere we go. A lot of this cost would be with the wineries we have visited.

Dining out is 6% of overall costs

Alcohol $3,964.98

First 6 months = $1,370.46
Second 6 months = $1,524.46
Third 6 months = $1,070.06

Alcohol is our bottle shop purchases. We have cut back alcohol costs when we discovered some good cheap wines, I buy my Cider by the carton, I’m back to Original Bundaberg Rum and Matt is buying his own beer again in this last 6 month period.

We are known to enjoy Happy Hour :)

Alcohol is 3.6% of overall costs

Island Cocktails , North Queensland

Accommodation $12,763.43

First 6 months = $6,880.70
Second 6 months = $4,572.63
Third 6 months = $831.80

Average per night First 6 months = $36.41
Average per night Second 6 months = $30.87
Average per night Third 6 months = $7.62

Following is First 6 months – second 6 months – third 6 months = total
CaravanParks 153 – 102 – 13 = 268
Free Camps 2 – 21 – 64 = 87
Campgrounds 6 – 9 – 43 = 58
Relatives or Family 0 – 39 – 43 = 82
Pub stays 0 – 2 – 8 = 10
Ship 0 – 1 – 1 = 2
Golf Clubs 0 – 3 – 0 = 3
Station stays 3 – 1 – 0 = 4

Nights on the road
First 6 months = 164 nights
Second 6 months = 179 nights
Third 6 months = 172 nights

Our costs to stay has been our biggest change, we now almost exclusively Free camp. We also find the longer we travel the more new friends we make and sometimes are offered places to stay.

We sure have learnt a lot since that first 6 months travelling however it was summer and very hot so not sure even now we would do much different. We sure appreciated air conditioning at night and a pool during the day over those first 6 months.

In the last 6 months accommodation has only been 5.6% of overall costs

Our most expensive stay was Lake Argyle at $61.60 per night.

Accommodation is 12.1% of our overall costs

Ormiston Gorge, West McDonnell Ranges NT

Fuel $10,249.73

First 6 months = $2,020.99
Second 6 months = $4,346.66
Third 6 months = $3,882.08

The middle month was NT to WA and down the WA coastline, travelling long distances and driving into a headwind. Some days I thought I could almost watch the fuel gauge go down.

The third month included coming up the middle of Oz. More big driving days with long stretches in between towns.

Most expensive fuel was Kings Station at Kings Canyon at 198.9c/l
Cheapest fuel was at the start of our trip, Curra and Bargara at 99.9c/l
Our average cost per litre of fuel is 133.9c

Cost per month for fuel is $610.61.

Fuel is 9.7% of our overall costs

Vehicle Expenses $$11,271.47

First 6 months = $3,483.17
Second 6 months = $5,600.71
Third 6 months = $2,187.59

Our first service in Cairns, in the first 6 months period, was expensive and included a new Coolant Sensor and Coolant Tank.
Our second service in Perth found we had a leaking radiator and it wasn’t repairable so we had to completely replace it. A chip in the windscreen also cracked and it needed to be replaced.

Vehicle expenses are 10.7% of our overall costs

Speedometre 81,769

We started our trip at 36,657 on the speedo and have now completed 45,112kms in 18 months.

We have been to every state and territory except NSW and ACT.

Fitzroy Island, off Cairns Qld

Entertainment $15,928.31

First 6 months = $8,258.41
Second 6 months = $5,733.90
Third 6 months = $1,936.00

This is another area of our expenses that has been slashed. The first part of our trip included the Whitsundays, Cairns and Darwin where there were so many big ticket items to experience.
The second 6 months included Lake Argyle, Horizontal Falls and a fishing charter in Broome.
We found as we got to the bottom of Oz there weren’t such big tour expenses.

That first 6 months gave us so many memories which we will never forget. 3 weeks in the Whitsundays was amazing.

Our biggest Entertainment expense has been Horizontal Falls which cost $1706.90 for just Adele and Kevin.
Reef Sleep in the Whitsundays is our second biggest cost at $1366.10 for all 3 of us.
You can read all about Reef Sleep here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/us-swag-pontoon-lot-water/

In the last 6 months Entertainment has been only 8.3% of costs.

Entertainment is 15.1% of our overall costs

Travel $6,389.43

First 6 months = $1,752.84
Second 6 months = $3,064.50
Third 6 months = $1,572.09

This is our costs to fly home 4 times plus our return trip on the Spirit of Tasmania. It also includes our return trip to Kangaroo Island plus ferry trips to Bruny Island and the Sorrento Ferry in Victoria.

Travel is 6% of our overall costs

Gas $590.66

First 6 months = $122.98
Second 6 months = $165.84
Third 6 months = $301.84

We have 2 x 4kg bottles and mostly we fill them at any BCF around the country. Most BCF stores cost $13.99.
I don’t know exactly but believe we get about 9-10 days out of a bottle.

Our gas cost has significantly increased as we now almost exclusively free camp. Still, it’s a very very inexpensive cost.

Gas is less than 1% of our overall costs

Hemingway’s Brewery, Port Douglas Qld

Medical $1,275.54

First 6 months = $412.71
Second 6 months = $449.72
Third 6 months = $413.11

Since leaving Brisbane February 2016, I don’t recall any of us having a cold or flu. One of the many aspects we love about road travel is you don’t get the bugs and viruses we did back home.

Medical is 1% of our overall costs

Vet $3,456.68

First 6 months = $928.53
Second 6 months = $2,084.77
Third 6 months = $443.38

For the first 16 months we travelled with our beautiful Golden Retriever MACKS.

You can read about us Travelling Australia with MACKS here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/travelling-australia-dog-macks/

Just prior to Christmas 2016 she contracted Geriatric Vestibular Disease and spent 6 nights at the amazing Lincoln Veterinary Centre, Port Lincoln on a drip and being fed and cared for. The care they provided her was First Class and the bill we received was much less than we expected. https://www.lincolnvet.com.au/

Sadly in July whilst in Darwin we had to make the decision to let her go and you can read my tribute to her here – http://indefiniteleave.com.au/tribute-best-dog-ever-known/

As much as it’s so much easier travelling without a pet, we miss her everyday.

Vet is 3.3% of our overall costs

Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Winton Qld

Dog Sitting $959

First 6 months = $928.53
Second 6 months = $2,084.77
Third 6 months = $0

We had no further dog sitting costs from our 12 month report.

We always used Mad Paws wherever possible to look after MACKS when visiting National Parks or flying home to Brisbane to visit. We found them fantastic wherever we used them. https://www.madpaws.com.au/

Dog sitting is less than 1% of our overall costs

Adele’s nails $769

First 6 months = $270
Second 6 months = $229
Third 6 months = $270

What can I say!!

I am to blame after all, it was my idea all those years ago for Adele to have her nails done and now she loves them. It’s a small cost that keeps Adele happy and that’s what matters most isn’t it?

Their current colour is purple.

Adele’s nails are less than 1% of our overall costs

Hair and Beauty $250.90

First 6 months = $0
Second 6 months = $184
Third 6 months = $66.90

Adele does her own hair and Kevin’s too. A quick Number 3 and Kevin’s is done in minutes.

Hair and Beauty is hardly a blip on the radar of our overall costs. Phew, reckon I dodge a bullet there……

Swinging for our Anniversary this year

Taxis $645.66

First 6 months = $327.59
Second 6 months = $221.00
Third 6 months = $97.07

Taxi costs have mostly been taking us to the airport and back again on return.

Taxis are less than 1% of our overall costs

Clothes $2,118.97

First 6 months = $1,149.84
Second 6 months = $785.67
Third 6 months = $183.46

We spent our first 12 months in hot or warm weather but once we reached Tasmania we quickly needed some more warm clothes. Otherwise there’s been some swimwear and new thongs required, presents bought at Christmas etc. We also had some Indefinite Leave branded caps and shirts done for us too.

Clothes are 2% of our overall costs

Matt’s 3 big Queenies off the beach in Darwin, NT

Fishing $1,896.83

First 6 months = $912.83
Second 6 months = $307.13
Third 6 months = $676.25

Between the 3 of us we carry 10 rods and 9 reels and all the gear to match. For tackle, mostly we use metal slices and squid jigs. We carry lots of extra fishing gear we don’t need.

Also included in fishing costs is a Spear, Spear Gun, new Wetsuit and Opera house pots for Red Claw that we have bought along the way.

Fishing is 1.8% of our overall costs

Laundry $667

First 6 months = $298
Second 6 months = $195
Third 6 months = $174

We use Laundromats mostly now to do our washing. We can’t receive receipts from Laundromats and this is an estimated figure.

Laundry is less than 1% of our overall costs

Sand Pumping Jetty at Southport, Gold Coast Qld

Photography $695.95

First 6 months = $0
Second 6 months = $695.95
Third 6 months = $0

A new lens, backup battery and lens hoods make up this cost.

Photography is less than 1% of our overall costs

National Parks $250

First 6 months = $0
Second 6 months = $142
Third 6 months = $108

We have been in National Parks all around the country and as you can see it’s a very tiny cost of the overall trip. Pay the cost to enter Kakadu and Uluru and enjoy it, they really aren’t that expensive in the overall scheme of things.

National Parks are a non existent expense of our overall costs

Miscellaneous $1,978.41

First 6 months = $442.93
Second 6 months = $980.65
Third 6 months = $554.83

Misc items have included gifts, hardware required, toilet chemicals and all sorts of odd small things over the course of 18 months.

Miscellaneous is 1.9% of our overall costs

Sunrise at Crab Claw Island Resort, Bynoe Harbour NT

This leaves our final cost tally’s.

First 6 months = $38,217.63 at an average cost per week of $1,469.91
Second 6 months = $44,221.51 at an average cost per week of $1,700.83
Third 6 months = $23,363.92 at an average cost per week of $898.61

Our total overall expenditure is $105,803.06

Our total average cost per week is $1,339.28

We have experienced so many amazing memories that we will cherish forever. It’s been worth every cent, we have no regrets.

Hope this helps you, if you have any questions feel free to ask or message us anytime.

Safe travels,

Kevin & Adele Hockey
Indefinite Leave

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indefiniteleave

Instagram: indefinite_leave

Website: www.indefiniteleave.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/indefiniteleave

Twitter: IndefiniteLeav3

Email: hockeys@indefiniteleave.com.au

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Our 13 Best Free Camps in Australia


In 18 months around Australia we have found some fantastic free places to camp.

For us, we love the ocean and therefore most of our best places are overlooking a beach. This tells you just how special our #1 favourite place is, as it couldn’t be any further from the ocean if you tried.

There are many free camps around Oz but sometimes you pull up and are just blown away with how amazing it is. Friendly people, extraordinary views, fun activities the location provides or the sunrises and sunsets that welcome you or complete another magnificent day on the road in this incredible country we get to call home.

We all have our own perceptions of what that is for us, the following 13 places are the ones that have appealed the most to us from what we have seen so far.

No doubt we will continue to add to the list over time.

For clarity, we consider Free camps as totally free and are not campgrounds, Pub stays or other organized locations. Free camps mostly have no or limited facilities.

There are no designated sites at Free camps and no powered options. Usually you are expected to be self contained with your own toilets and showers, the capability of carrying your own water, and storing your grey and black water.

All 13 are completely free, at the time of writing there was no charge to stay.

Kingston SE RV stay has been removed as it will have a charge as at October 2017.

1 - Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach, WA

13. 7 Mile Beach WA

Location: South of Geraldton, WA

About: A simple free camp spot with no facilities but lots of beach and amazing sunsets every night. A short few kms from the Highway.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/AyBicHrnhdM

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: 72 hours

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

2 - Cliff Head
Cliff Head Campground, WA

12. Cliff Head Campground

Location: near Arrowsmith, WA

About: Cliff Head has 3 free camp grounds, Cliff Head South, Cliff Head North which looks fantastic and this one which is in the middle. We chose this one as it had more space and good protection from the wind.

A beautiful beach with great sunsets and the campground has plenty of room to move.

When we were there new toilets had just been installed.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/71WRACdqIxg

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: 72 hours

Toilets: Yes

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

3 - Babinda
Babinda RV Stay, Qld

11. Babinda RV stay

Location: North Queensland

About: This is a brilliant Free campground in North Queensland providing all the facilities you would need. A new shower block provide great hot showers for $2, there’s a separate toilet block, good water and a dump point.

Beside the campground is a great shallow creek perfect to lay in and relax.

Lots of space and plenty of good level space to park. Best facilities of any Free camp we’ve seen in Oz.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/I8Ju2MezaI8

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: 72 hours

Toilets: Yes

Showers: Yes, $2

Potable water: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: Yes

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes. Also Vodafone and Optus.

4 - Brown Bay
Brown Bay, SA

10. Brown Bay, Port MacDonnell

Location: East of Port MacDonnell, South Australia

About: The opportunity to park with an extraordinary view directly from our Motorhome gets this one into our Top 10 Free Camps.

There is a bitumen car park with designated spaces perfect for staying the night however there is also a track to the beach and it leads to an awesome space to park right on the beachfront.

The beach is very popular with local surfers and you can swim and fish the day away or just absorb the fantastic views.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/3a2gcDfqztI

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: 24 hours

Toilets: Yes

Showers: Yes, outdoor cold shower

Potable water: No but water is available back in town at Port MacDonnell

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

5 - Garden Island
Garden Island, Clarence Point Tasmania

9. Garden Island

Location: Clarence Point, Tasmania

About: Located just north of Beaconsfield in Tasmania this is a great Free camp in the middle of the River Tamar.
If you like fishing you will love it here and we saw Seals playing in the River right in front of us.
Enjoy the views directly across the river to the town of George Town during the day and see big ships sail on by.
There are no amenities so bring plenty of water with you.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/puWpqsGSpVE

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: Unlimited

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

6 - Lake MacIntosh
Lake Mackintosh, Tasmania

8. Lake Mackintosh

Location: Mackintosh Dam, Tasmania

About: Not far from Cradle Mountain is Lake Mackintosh, a very beautiful lake where even Darryl Kerrigan would be pleased with the serenity.
We built a fire and enjoyed the incredible views, peace and tranquility.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/GhktiivXg_E

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: Unlimited

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

7 - Robe jetty
Robe, SA

7. Robe Jetty

Location: Robe, South Australia

About: This is not well noted as an official free camp site however the information centre in town made us aware of it’s availability. We further heard that it is known to be ok to free camp here.

It is used as a turning circle for vehicles so we stayed back out of the way to allow the traffic to easily use the area.

Swim, snorkel and fish from the beach or jetty. Only 5 minutes to the town centre.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/3IbygOXImfc

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: No limit

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No, we accessed water from the park nearby next to the BBQ’s.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No but one is available in town approx. 5 minutes away

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes

8 - Kangaroo Island StokesStokes Bay, Kangaroo Island

9 - Kangaroo Island Vivonne
Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

6. Kangaroo Island, almost anywhere you want to stay but Stokes Bay was great.

Location: Kangaroo Island, South Australia

About: The cost to travel to KI turns many people away so the island doesn’t have the issues of mainland Australia and at this point, whilst all the information provided to travellers consists of the caravan parks and campgrounds, we found there were almost no “no camping” signs on the island and no rangers to wake you early in the morning asking you to move. We spent 12 nights parked wherever we could find the most stunning location and there were many.

We were generally able to find water and arrange for access to a dump point. From one corner of the island to the furthest point is approx. a max 1.5 to 2 hours drive.

We really enjoyed Kingscote Jetty, Stokes Bay, Vivienne Bay, Pennington Bay

YouTube: Stokes Bay – https://youtu.be/ndTU1iy15cc
Vivonne Bay – https://youtu.be/APrbzKsoXRw
American River – https://youtu.be/SNWhzh0Bdi4

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: No limit

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: At Penneshaw and Parndana

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Only at Kingscote and Penneshaw

10 - Corella Dam1 11 - Corella Dam2
Corella Dam, Qld

5. Corella Dam

Location: Between Cloncurry and Mt Isa, Queensland

About: A fantastic free camp 50kms west from Cloncurry in Queensland. Easy short dirt road in, lots of space and if you’re lucky you might get a spot on the dam. Lots of Red Claw and you’ll also be visited by lots of cows.

An amazing free camp which fully deserves our Top 5 spot.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/hbcNx1Tabfs

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: No limit

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Very limited

12 - Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires, Tasmania

4. Bay of Fires

Location: North East coast of Tasmania

About: The Bay of Fires Campground in Tasmania provides a fantastic free camp on one of Australia’s most spectacular beaches. Located just out of the town of St Helens where you can access everything you need for your time there.

Be sure to wake early to witness the spectacular Sunrise each morning from the beach.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/5fYV4IuSmLc

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: No limit

Toilets: Yes

Showers: No

Potable water: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Very limited

13 - Gregory River
Gregory River, Gregory Qld

3. Gregory River

Location: Gregory, North Queensland

About: A magnificent location with a campground above the river or you can free camp beside the river.
Simply relax and enjoy the amazing scenery and the opportunity to float down the river.
This is a popular spot for those travelling on to Adels Grove and Lawn Hill National Park.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/d95fBExnR5Q

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: No limit

Toilets: No, but free toilets are walking distance away in town of Gregory

Showers: No, but free showers are walking distance away in town of Gregory

Potable water: No, but water is available walking distance away in Gregory

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No but dump point is available close by in town

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: No

14 - Portland
Swimming with Seals at Portland, Victoria

2. Henty Park Campground

Location: Portland, Victoria

About: A superb Free camp and fantastic small town. We loved our stay here and spent almost a week in Portland (we left after 3 nights, was 72 hours, and came back for 2 more). We highly recommend the Seal by Sea tour at nearby Cape Bridgewater. There is so much to see and do in town.
You can surf, swim, snorkel and fish as much as you want. Take the time and explore this great little town.
The campground provides great level, grassed space to park. The Ranger came around each day but was friendly and fair.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/e5llKV3Dykg

Cost: Free

Max nights stay:Now 48 hours

Toilets: Yes

Showers: Available at Pool complex next door for $2

Potable water: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: Yes

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes, plus Optus and Vodafone

15 - Uluru
Uluru Ayres Rock, NT

1. Uluru By Sunrise

Location: Uluru/ Ayres Rock, Northern Territory

About: Everything about going to Uluru is expensive, except this little piece of paradise. Located 10kms before Yulara you can enjoy spectacular views of Uluru, see incredible sunrises and amazing sunsets.

At night you can cook on an open fire and take in the scenery of the stars glistening in the night sky.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/OWE4gW5Eyi8

Cost: Free

Max nights stay: Unlimited

Toilets: No

Showers: No

Potable water: No. Water is available from the service station in town

Pet Friendly: Yes

Dump point: No, but there is one toward Yulara on the right heading in to town.

Free Wifi: No

Telstra coverage: Yes although I found Vodafone worked even better in Uluru

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Travelling Australia is far More than just Adventures


It normal to start off on your adventures of travelling Australia with big beady wide eyes looking for the sights, thinking of the places you will go and the incredible things you will see. You will be expecting to see amazing beaches, massive Gorges, climb mountains, swim, play and meet some wild animals.

But you probably don’t realise all of what is in store for you.

Photo 1-02

When you leave to Road Trip around Oz be ready to challenge all the ways you currently think.

This life takes you on a journey beyond the sightseeing and adventures. It will challenge you in ways you never expected.

Lets take a look at how the experience of your trip may change you.

Photo 2-02

• You will learn a different perspective of life. To live life for an extended period of time in a small confined space, lots will change.

• It will change the way you feel about your possessions. You really don’t need all that “stuff” you think you do when at home.

• You will make so many friends, some new friends with personalities you may not have befriended if you were home. That’s one way you’ll know you’ve grown.

Photo 3-01

• You will experience so much kindness.

• You will realise, regardless what the media portrays, good people are the majority.

• You will learn new skills.

• You will have the time of your life.

• You’ll come face to face with big, wild, dangerous Australian animals you’ve had nightmares about and you’ll surprise yourself with how close you’ll get and survive.

Photo 4-01

• Your relationships will likely face new challenges but you’ll face them together.

• You’ll realise your children only ever really wanted one gift from you…….your time.

• Stress will leave you so quickly.

• Happy Hour will start much earlier.

Photo 5-01

• You’ll learn to budget better than ever before.

• You’ll discover places you’d never imagined.

• You’ll be amazed at the simple pleasures of a sunrise and sunset and the beauty of stars at night.

Photo 6-01 (1)

• You’ll fall in love with new places, new things and new people. Mine is a 4yo girl named Millie. She is so gorgeous and her parents Jason and Denise are now valued friends.

• To drive around Australia challenges your body, mind and soul far more than you imagined.

• You’ll come across people with all sorts of talents, skills, crazy stories and abilities to entertain.

Photo 7-01

• The adventures create so many lifetime memories.

• It’s an escape far from life as you know it.

• Discover more than just a country. Discover a new you. You’ll be wiser, kinder, more grateful, more aware and your family will be richer for the experiences you share.

Photo 8-01

• You’ll meet some people over and over. Maybe you’ll find such great new friends you will travel together for months.

• Wonderful people you have just met will invite you to come and stay in their homes

• You will cross oceans and deserts, mountains and caves and each will leave you inspired, amazed and yearning for more

• You may never go home

Photo 9-01

Don’t live life to be happy, live life to be exhilarated.

You deserve everything life can offer you.

Has travelling changed you?

Tell us how it has effected you in the comments section below.

Safe Travels.

Kevin & Adele
Indefinite Leave

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Email: hockeys@indefiniteleave.com.au

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The Best Beaches in Australia 11-20

beach AUS

Australia’s Top 30 Beaches from our experience travelling Australia
by Indefinite Leave

After extensive travel of Australia we have come up with a list of our favourite 30 beaches in Oz.

Today we continue on from our beaches ranked 21-30 and provide our next best 10 beaches of Australia.
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