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The Big Things of Oz


Australia likes to build things big.

All around the country it seems each town has to have something oversized. It’s an easy way to be identified and remembered and provide something of interest. Read more

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Kakadu and Litchfield National Park by Motorhome

kakadu header

Our trip to the famous Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks is by Motorhome, our Winnebago Esperance, which we chose for us to enjoy our two and a half year planned adventure around Oz. Read more

Top 13 must do in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

Top 13 must do in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays

Airlie Beach is the Gateway to the amazing Whitsunday group of 74 Islands and the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

The Whitsundays are truly paradise with over 700,000 visitors every year. The islands offer an enormous range of activities including Sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, walking, dining, explore the reef and coral and see crocodiles in their natural habitat. All this and a lot more is available in Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands. Read more

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First destination on our Road Trip adventure

Rainbow MACKS

Rainbow Beach

We arrived at our first stop, Rainbow Beach, at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast on the Cooloola Coast of Queensland.

Our planned timing had worked and the area is now quiet with most spaces in the Rainbow Beach Holiday Park available. We secured a position with a view over the ocean and beside some new friends we’ve just met. They’ve certainly set the benchmark high and it’ll be great to meet more people and make more friends just like them.

MACKS had her first swim at the beach. She has been to Sandgate and Nudgee Beach, which are more like a creek or river, but has never seen waves. As soon as she got on the sand she dragged me to the water and begun to have the time of her life. It was amazing and she was like a puppy all over again.

IMG_0905Rainbow MACKSIMG_0928

The second night at Rainbow Beach saw a storm pass over and as we were in our Motorhome a strike of lightning hit the road immediately in front of us. It made the loudest blast I’d ever heard from a lightning strike and our neighbours confirmed the next morning that they had actually seen it strike the road, just 5 metres in front of us.

After the lightning strike the internet changed. Telstra slowed down significantly but now we were able to get Vodafone. Weird right?

The Rainbow Beach Holiday Park is good, the facilities were clean and the pool was nice and cool considering how hot it was.

I was in pain with my back after moving our house contents into storage and I found someone to do a Massage for me. Phyllis was perfect, she really understood my injury and gave me lots of tips and exercises to manage IMG_0898my back. I can highly recommend visiting Phyllis from The Silver Koru Massage.

What we did find fascinating in the region were the amount of shops closed for as long as a month and shops without eftpos facilities. We never have cash so that provided some challenges.

Rainbow Beach has approx. 1200 residents yet just weeks before we arrived it was bursting at the seams with around 23,000 people over the Christmas holidays. By the time we arrived in the first week of February the caravan park was almost empty as were most things. It’s hard to imagine what it is like there with so many people.

The coloured sands of the Rainbow Beach cliffs overlooking the beach are quite spectacular. The beach here is pristine with clean, clear water. It really has an island beauty that is appealing.

Inskip Point

From Rainbow Beach we progressed just a few kms north to Inskip Point, the barge point to Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island. We stayed the night just 15 metres from the sink hole which collapsed just months ago swallowing a 4wd and caravan.

Inskip has no buildings, shops, transport, pubs or any facilities other than an amenities block or two. Perfect for a 4wd but not ideal for a Motorhome and for this reason we decided to only stay the one night. The weather turned on us also with overnight rain and more forecast the next day.


We did get to have a swim, watch the Fraser Island barge transporting 4wd’s to the island relax with a Bundy or two.

Tin Can Bay

We made our move on to Tin Can Bay, checking in to the Kingfisher Caravan Park. We awoke early to venture down to feed the dolphins that have become a feature to this small seaside town. Although just one dolphin came in that day, 4 had been in the day before, it was an amazing experience to stand in the water and hand feed a wild dolphin. Patch the Australian Humpback dolphin came in and patiently waited and played before having some fish provided to him by those lucky few to experience hand feeding a dolphin on the day.


Rainbow Beach proved to be an amazing first stop on our adventure around Australia. New friends, excellent beaches, amazing views and the excitement of hand feeding a dolphin made this first week a great start for each of us at Indefinite Leave ☺

Kev, Adele and Matt

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