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Hi, We are Kev and Adele

Our Aim:

To inspire others to travel and help design the greatest adventure they can experience.

We are an Aussie couple, from Brisbane in Queensland Australia who have embraced our adventurous spirit and ventured out to explore the world around us. We had spent so much time overseas we decided it was time to see our own truly amazing country and we needed to take some time to see everything it has to offer.

More about us:

  • Kevin loves sport, especially cricket and Rugby League. Now he’s learning to snorkel, spear fish and a little bit of free diving.
  • Adele enjoys exploring. She was well traveled before meeting Kevin when she was just 25yo.
  • Kevin has visited 8 Countries, US, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, England, France, Wales and Fiji.
  • Adele has been to 24 countries, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, US, China, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Holland, Vatican City, Liechenstein, France and Wales.
  • Kevin & Adele have also visited another country, the Principality of Hutt River. Have you heard the story?
  • We have 2 sons, Matthew and Cameron who both live in Brisbane.
  • Our early years when we met saw Kevin introduce Adele to 4wding and Camping. We joined friends for a road trip of the NSW central and northern coast before more recent times work opened up avenues to head around the country for seminars and conferences and opportunities to explore.

About Us Kev & Adele - Here we are on the Top of Australia

Why do we Travel?

Like everyone else who we interviewed in our e-book Travel Chat, life had become stressful and more like Groundhog day. We felt our lives needed to mean more than going to work all week, doing chores on weekends, balancing our budgets and doing the same things week after week after week.

We wanted more from life!!

Going on Holiday is great but it goes so fast!! We always complained we didn’t want it to end and going back to work after time away meant you had to play catch up and within a week of being back you would need another holiday.

The world is full of many stunning beaches and we feel we owe it to ourselves to visit as many as possible.

Adele quit work, Kev put his staff in charge of his business and we rented our home to cover the mortgage. We bought a Motorhome and headed north on Feb 1, 2016.

Kev & Adele chilling on a beached log at Hill Inlet

What is Indefinite Leave about?

Several other traveling families inspired us when we set out and we felt it was a great way to share our experiences and inspire others to travel.

Indefinite Leave is all about living a life that you are passionate about, that motivates you from the moment you awake and leaves you exhausted from adventures each night when you go to sleep.

Aim: Our aim is to help you to work out your why.
Goal: Our goal is to assist you to find a way to make a life of adventure achievable for You.
Commitment: Our commitment is to respond to you and provide the best answers we can from our own experiences

If you are heading on a Holiday, Backpacking, taking a Road Trip or doing your best National Lampoons Vacation impression, we want to help you to have the most fun, see the most places and limit the amount of trouble you can get yourself into.


“Thanks for taking the time to send your emails. You always provide so much great information, not to mention the fun facts and trivia! The places you’ve explored in the past week sound fantastic! Will add them to the list.” 

What is it that makes Travelling so great!!

The new friends you make are most certainly one of the best things about travel. Those connections with amazing people who share the excitement of exploring.

Enjoying a campfire, glass of your favourite beverage and the stars in the night sky after a spectacular sunset. Does it get any better than that?

Travelling is so much more than just adventures.

It’s so possible to Live the Life you Dream of. If you aren’t there yet, keep dreaming, keep focused, keep taking the actions to make it happen.

Don’t forget to download your Free Road Trip Guide to Travelling Australia.

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Learn more about us Kev & Adele

You are welcome to message us if you’d like to know more about us and how we have been traveling Australia since 2015.



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  5. Helen BRIMSON

    January 11, 2021 at 11:47 pm

    Hi Kev and Adele. I was told by my brother who camps with a crayfisherman at Cliff Head, the Cliff Head Campgrounds now attract a $20 pn fee as do the others in the a region due to caravan parks missing out on the current flux of travellers. Also told by reliable nomads travelling in Tassie, most freedom camps have fees attached for the same reason. It is looking like $15 is the minimum going rate for no or little amenities. Is this what you and your followers are finding? Cheers Helen

  6. John

    July 3, 2021 at 9:31 am

    Hi there – so good to read about your free camping trip from Brissy to Darwin. We will definitely follow this route next time we head up north so the free camps will come in handy. Question – why the two vehicles?

  7. Karen Anne Fenwick

    September 18, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    Is this what it says indefinite leave meaning stay as long as you want for all parks advised confused they don’t seem surgesting that where can I stay indefinitely? Meaning no timeframe ?

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