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The Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip

Getting Serious? Download the “Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip”

Don’t get caught out being a complete novice like us when you start out on your Road Trip traveling Australia.

We made sooooo many Rookie Errors and had no idea when we set out all those years ago.

Our Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip looks to answer all your questions and raise some you may not even have considered.

This Guide is everything you will want to know for Traveling Australia.

It comes to you as an ebook so you can download and access it anywhere, any time and can you refer back to it when it suits you on your phone, tablet or computer.

Any future updates will always be forwarded to you for Free.

If you choose to purchase we thank you for your kind support.

Some of the Things you will learn in this Guide:

  • How much will I need?
  • How you can work while you Travel
  • What about our Home?
  • What should we do with all our belongings?
  • Caravan or Motorhome or Camper or….
  • What Tools do I need to take?
  • Should I free camp or is it safer in caravan parks?
  • What are some of the places I really must see
  • Who should we use to insure our Motorhome or Caravan?
  • What to do with your mail?
  • How long do we need to do the Full Lap?
  • Our children are young, should we wait until they are older?
  • Staying Healthy on tour
  • What to pack?
  • What about all the dangerous animals?
  • Which direction should we travel
  • and much more
The Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip

Instant Download

Kevin & Adele are wannabe hippies and adventurers.

After meeting some German backpackers on Australia Day 2015 and hearing their travel stories they bought a Motorhome 9 months later and set off for a 2 year road trip around Australia.

They never went home again!!

Kev and Adele live in their trusty Winnebago RV named Darwinny and drive a Triton 4wd. They write, create videos and tell stories of life on the road.

They started their road trip with no experience whatsoever and have learnt all about “Life on the Highway” through the trials and errors made over the many many kms they have traveled. 

Their goal is to inspire you to travel more and guide you to greater adventures.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip

Instant Download