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Road Trip Guide To Travelling Australia

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Getting Serious? Get the “Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip”

Some of the Things you will learn in this book:

  • How much will I need?
  • How you can work while you Travel
  • What about our Home?
  • What should we do with all our belongings?
  • Caravan or Motorhome or Camper or….
  • What Tools do I need to take?
  • Should I free camp or is it safer in caravan parks?
  • What are some of the places I really must see
  • Who should we use to insure our Motorhome or Caravan?
  • What to do with your mail?
  • How long do we need to do the Full Lap?
  • Our children are young, should we wait until they are older?
  • Staying Healthy on tour
  • What to pack?
  • What about all the dangerous animals?
  • Which direction should we travel
  • and much more


The Ultimate Guide to Planning your Road Trip