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How to Travel Australia on a Basic Budget

Travelling Australia isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s one of the world’s more expensive countries to travel.

Whether you’re an Aussie heading off on your Big Lap or an International Traveller looking to discover all the Country has to offer, we have lots of important great information to help you control your expenses.

We packed all our belongings back in 2015 and a few months later took off on a 2 year journey that is still ongoing.

There have been times where we have run completely out of funds and we spent 2 years travelling with hardly any funds. This is where we learnt how to afford to Travel Australia on a Basic Budget.

We have put this together as an e-book so you can access it anytime, even when you are travelling, or anywhere and you can read it on your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

You will read all about:

  • How much you might need to Travel
  • Preparing for your Trip
  • How to reduce the costs of Travelling including accommodation, groceries, fuel and more
  • Tips on lots of Free and Low Cost Adventures to experience
  • Dealing with inevitable problems while you travel
  • Creating income as your travel
  • Examples of other Travellers who did their lap very cost effectively
  • And lots more…..

This E-book will suit travellers who:

  • Plan to travel Australia
  • Want to save money while travelling
  • Have a limited budget for their trip
  • Want to experience as much as they can for as little cost possible


If you choose to purchase we thank you very much for supporting us.

Safe travel Kev & Adele

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This is what others have had to say about this E-book

Paul – I’m about to start my Lap of this little island and found this very helpful thank you. This budget thing is terrifying me

Vanessa – What a great read! Thank you

Jackie – Lots of good info. Thank you.

Bradley – Great information!

Gaz – So good. Thanks heaps

Nicole – Information like this is why I joined your page. Thank you. We are planning on the big lap next year

Sophie – You’re legends! This is a gold mine! Thank you!

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