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10 Reasons to Travel Australia Instead of Going Overseas.

There’s nothing better for the soul than travelling. It opens our eyes, our minds and our hearts. The big choice to make is whether to head overseas or explore our own country. There’s so much to see in this world, but here’s 10 great reasons to Travel Australia first.

1. Australia is Safer.

With everything happening around the world right now, I feel pretty safe in Longreach, Broome, Esperance, 1770 and the thriving downtown metropolis of Rainbow Beach 😊

2. Shit AUD.

The Aussie dollar is too low to be over excited about heading overseas.

3. Our Beaches.

Unless you’ve got to know our own beaches, why go overseas to see there’s?

Check out our Best Beaches here –

4. Weather.

We really do have perfect weather here. Head north for winter, south for summer and be anywhere in Oz for Autumn and Spring.

5. You will meet really interesting people.

We have met some of the most inspiring people on the road. One example was John, the 72yo former teacher and sheep farmer. I got talking to John for 3 and a half hours around the camp kitchen BBQ in Katherine. Fascinating guy and hard to believe he had left Perth, been to Melbourne and was now in the NT travelling at his age…….. on a Motorbike.

John is just one of many wonderful people we have met on our adventure.

6. Learn our History.

There’s so much about our own country’s past just waiting for you to discover.

7. Sunsets.

The setting sun in 1770, Darwin and Broome just has to be seen. I could name so many more places including most of the WA coastline but I’ll let you discover some yourself.

8. Better for our economy.

We hardly manufacture anything anymore, mining took a nose dive so therefore Tourism is becoming a vital industry for our economy. Let’s spend our money here and give our kids jobs.

9. Make friends.

Travelling Australia almost guarantees you will make a whole lot of new friends.

10. Children.

Your kids will grow enormously and learn on the road. They will thrive by spending genuine quality time together as a family.

As that famous brand says: Just Do It……

Safe travels

Kevin & Adele
Indefinite Leave


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Hughie Edwards VC Rest Area, Majura Australian Capital Territory

161. Hughie Edwards VC Rest Area is a highway rest stop just 10-15 mins to Canberra city.

This is a noisy location with a lot of close passing traffic including trucks. It didn’t bother us but I imagine it would for some people.

It is also close to the Gun Club, Australian Federal Police and Army training so you hear gunshots, screeching tyres from the skid pan for driver training, helicopters and also it’s under the Airport flight path. Luckily we are heavy sleepers 🙂

The Rest Area has a drop toilet and there is some covered seating. It is Pet friendly. We had good Telstra, Vodafone and Optus coverage.

Cost to stay is Free.

Our stay was 7th November 2017.


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