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Campgrounds are just one of the options where travelers roadtripping Australia can stay to enable them to explore a town or region or to just break up their journey. There are so many low cost camping grounds around the country to choose from.

Different Types of Campgrounds

Campgrounds can be made up of a number of different ways. They can be formal camping grounds provided by local Councils or they can be Station Stays, RV Parks or owners properties around the country providing space on their land to stay overnight. Also quite a number of Showgrounds utilize their space outside of show times as a camping area.

Barn Hill Station
Barn Hill Station below Broome

How much does it cost to stay in Campgrounds?

Usually they come with a small fee. Council Run Camping grounds, Showgrounds and Station Stays are usually around $20-30 a night for 2 people and have basic facilities. RV Parks and properties are often $10-15 a night for 2 people.

Campgrounds are great mid-ranged options for all travelers.

There are literally hundreds of camping ground areas available around Australia and we have stayed in all forms of camping areas, Council Campgrounds, Showgrounds, Station Stays, RV Parks and campgrounds on private properties.

Kingston SE RV Park
Kingston SE RV Park

Our Best Campgrounds in Australia

As we have been road tripping around Australia for over 4 years we have experienced so many campgrounds first hand that we have compiled our 29 Best Campgrounds in Australia in order to highlight just some of these amazing places to stay to other travellers.

From our experience, here are some of our favourites:

Council Campgrounds – Mission Beach

Showgrounds – Mount Gambier and Lawnton Showgrounds

Station Stay – Barn Hill Station

RV Park – Kingston S.E.

Private Property – Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay is on the property of Beecroft Weapons Range and open on weekends only
Honeymoon Bay

Check out our walk through video reviews here:

Wilton Park one of our favourite private property campgrounds

For a great insight into all of the low cost camping grounds that we have stayed in as we travel Australia, simply go to the Where to Stay Tab at the top of our website and click on Campgrounds. You can also search by State from the Destinations Tab.

Our Aim

To inspire others to travel and help design the greatest adventure they can experience.

By sharing information on where to stay, hopefully this makes your life easier and saves your time having to research camping options.

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Safe and happy travels

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