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Big Things of Australia

The Big Things of Australia

Australia likes to build things big. The number of Big Things in Australia is rather huge, pardon the pun 🙂

All around the country it seems each town has to have something oversized. It’s an easy way to be identified and remembered and provide something of interest.

Big Things of Australia

These Landmarks become an identity of the towns and places in which they reside and so many memories are created for us by visiting and posing for photos amongst them.

Animals and Icons, Sport and Memorabilia, they feature on rooftops and out front of shops all around our great country.

The Big Beer Bottle at Tewantin and the Big Cow were both Sunshine Coast features I remember which no longer stand. I have a great photo of myself at the Big Beer Bottle in my late teens in an album stored away. The Big Rocket at Toombul Shoppingtown in Brisbane’s northside holds so many memories for kids in the 70’s as we climbed it up and down as our mothers tried desperately to encourage us to get in the car to go home.

In our adventures around Australia since 2015 we have seen so many oversized points of interest, here’s our list.

Big Apple, Big Alvey, Big Axe, Big Banana

1. The Big Apple is at Vincenzo’s in Stanthorpe Qld which is known for it’s great wines and apples.

2. The Big Alvey Reel at the Gympie Fisherman’s Warehouse in Gympie, Queensland.

3. The Big Axe in Kew NSW at the information centre.

4. The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour in New South Wales is one of Australia’s most famous and well recognised big items of Oz. Located on the highway it is a funpark with Waterslides, Mini golf, Cafes, ice cream and more.


The Big Apple Stnathorpe Qld

The Big Alvey Fishing ReelThe Big Axe, Kew NSWBig Things of Australia - The Big Banana Coffs Harbour

Big Bear, Big Boot, Big Bundaberg Rum Bottle and Big Crab

5. The Big Bear is made of hay bales and is on the Spencer Hwy, between Maitland and Minlaton, in South Australia

6. The Big Boot at Chermside in Brisbane’s north side was moved to the location in the 1970’s above Boots Camping store. It still remains although it is now a caryard on the corner of busy Gympie Rd and Rode Rd.

7. The Big Bundaberg Rum bottle, Bundaberg Queensland. Of course it would be perfect if the bottle was full with a tap at the base for me.

8. The Big Crab is at Cardwell in North Queensland

The Big Bear - Spencer Highway between Maitland and MinlatonThe Big Boot Kedron in BrisbaneBig Things in Australia - The Big Bundy Rum BottleThe Big Crab in Cardwell Qld

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Big Croc, Big Crocodile and Big Tassie Devil

9. The Big Croc is located at the Daintree River in Queensland just before your board to cross the Ferry

10. The Big Crocodile at Normanton Queensland is huge but it’s actually a replica of the largest crocodile ever caught. Krys the Savannah King was shot by Krystina Pawlowski in 1957 and this is an identical remake of the beast.

11. The Big Tassie Devil is located outside Trowunna Wildlife Park in Mole Tasmania

Big Croc - Daintree River CruisesKrys The Big Crocodile Normanton QldThe Big Tassie Devil - Trowunna Wildlife Park Tas

Big Dinosaur, Big Golden Guitar and Largest Playable Guitar

12. Big Dinosaur, Winton Queensland. Not really oversized but still big and impressive enough to make my list.

13. The Big Hard Rock Guitar near the entrance to Cavill Mall in Surfers Paradise Qld.

14. The Big Golden Guitar is at Tamworth New South Wales. The home of country music, the Big Golden Guitar is symbolic of the major award each year at the Awards ceremony.

15. The largest playable Guitar is at Narrandera in NSW. Located at the Information Centre this is the largest playable guitar in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Big Dinosaur Winton QldThe Big Hard Rock Guitar Surfers ParadiseBig Things of Australia - The Big Golden Guitar Tamworth NSWThe Biggest Playable Guitar Narrandera NSW

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Big Gumboot, Big Ice Cream, Big Kangaroo and Big Koala

16. The Big Gumboot is located in the North Queensland town of Tully.

17. The Big Ice Cream is in the great little town of Mogo in NSW.

18. The Big Kangaroo with a jar of Vegemite is at Border Village at the South Australia/ Western Australia border.

19. Big Koala, Dadswells Bridge Victoria in the Grampians district, Western highway. The Big Koala is right next to the highway, you can’t miss it. There’s also a small animal farm and café.

The Big Gumboot Tully QldThe Big Icecream Mogo NSWThe Big Kangaroo with Big Vegemite Jar - SA/WA BorderBig Things of Australia - The Big Koala at Dadswell Bridge

Big Lobster, Big Mango and Big Ned Kelly’s

20. The Big Lobster in Kingston S.E. South Australia recently underwent a renovation which is great news. Formerly a restaurant which is now closed.

21. The Big Mango is located in Bowen Queensland, famous for its Bowen Mangoes. It’s located on the highway outside the Information Centre.

22. Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan Victoria. The scene of his last stand where Ned Kelly was captured after a shootout with Police.

23. Big Ned Kelly, Maryborough Qld. Whilst Ned Kelly and his gang never made it to Maryborough, the Ned Kelly Hotel hosts this one and their slogan is “Where your treated like one of the gang“.

Big Things of Australia - The Big Lobster Kingston S.E. SAThe Big Mango Bowen QldBig Things of Australia - The Big Ned Kelly Glenrowan VicBig Ned Kelly in Maryborough Qld

Big Oyster, Big Penguin and Big Pie

24. The Big Oyster, Ceduna SA. Photo courtesy of our friends at West Aussie Nomads.

25. The Big Penguin is located in the Tasmanian township of Penguin. Called Little Penguins this one towers high over his little mates along the foreshore.

26. The Big Pie is located at the famous Yatala Pie Shop in Queensland. This pie shop is so famous it has legendary status to all of us from South East Queensland.

The Big Oyster Ceduna SAThe Big Penguin in Penguin TasThe Big Pie Yatala Qld

Big Pineapple, Big Prawn’s and Big Toy Rocking Horse

27. The Big Pineapple is at Nambour Queensland. After being closed for a few years it has recently been purchased and is now operating with further expansion plans.

28. The Big Prawn at Ballina, on the northern coast of NSW outside the Bunnings store.

29. The Big Prawn is at Exmouth in Western Australia and is located outside the information centre.

30. The Big Toy Rocking Horse at Gumeracha South Australia is fantastic. Climb to the top of the Rocking Horse for amazing views. There’s a terrific animal farm also, definitely worth wandering through with some purchased food. You can see lots of wooden toys in the shop, all built on site, and there is a good café.

Big Things of Australia - The Big Pineapple Nambour QldBig Things of Australia - The Big Prawn Ballina NSWThe Big Prawn - Exmouth WABig Things of Australia - The Big Toy Rocking Horse Gumeracha SA

Big Shell, Big Tennis Racket’s and Big Thong

31. The Big Shell is at Tewantin near Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

32. Born in Griffith, former Australian legendary Tennis player Yvonne Goolagong was raised in Barellan New South Wales. The main street through this small country town now commemorates her with the world’s largest Tennis Racquet.

33. Brisbane’s Big Tennis Racquet is owned by Hairdressing tycoon Steve “Stefan” Ackerie and was donated by him at the opening of the new Tennis Centre in Milton in 2012. Stefan sponsored the Queensland Tennis Open and back then this was the largest tennis racquet in the World.

34. Beautiful Valla Beach on the NSW mid coast near Nambucca Heads is home to the Big Thong.

The Big Shell Tewantin near Noosa Big Things of Australia - The Big Tennis Racket Barellan NSWThe Big Tennis Racket Frew Park MiltonThe Big Thong Valla Beach

Big Whales and Big Wickets

35. The Big Whale at Eucla. Photo courtesy of our friends at West Aussie Nomads.

36. The Big Whale at Kinka Beach in Yeppoon Queensland. Formerly a marineland park it has been closed for over 15 years.

37. The Big Wickets are located in Westbury Tasmania. With a replica cricket pitch in the middle it is also a memorial to former local cricketer Jack Badcock.

38. Don Bradman oval in his birthplace town of Cootamundra NSW is also home to Big Wickets.

The Big Whale Eucla WA

The Big Whale Kinka Beach in Yeppoon QldBig Things of Australia - The Big Wickets Westbury TasThe Big Wickets Bradman Oval in Cootamundra NSW


Big Winch, Big Cane Toad and Big Ugg Boots

39. The Big Winch is in Coober Pedy South Australia. It sits up on top of the hill with views all over the town.

40. The Big Cane Toad is located in the main street of Sarina in North Queensland. Unfortunately we missed taking a photo.

41. The Big Ugg Boots are in Thornton as you make your way into the sensational Hunter Valey in NSW. Martels Sheepskin also have a museum with a great story and lots of history.

Big Things of Australia - The Big Winch Coober Pedy Big Things of Australia - The Big Ugg Boots Thornton NSW


How many of these have you seen?

What have we missed?

We also know of the Big Merino in Goulburn NSW, Big Galah in Kimba SA, The Big Cherries in Young NSW, the Big Lawn Mower Beerwah Qld and Big Crab in Miriam Vale Qld.


Safe travels,

Kevin & Adele Hockey
Indefinite Leave


Photography and Socials

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Adventurers Diary

Tent Camping on Fraser and Moreton Island

What was it like camping in a tent for the best part of 4 of our last 5 weeks?


We loved it!!


Of course, the magnificent locations of Fraser Island and Moreton Island sure helped. But we really did love it.

Mostly we liked the simplicity.


Camping on Fraser Island


Camping in a Tent – Back to Basics

It brought us back to the basics of life and a greater feeling of closeness with nature.


We liked being so close to everything. Waking up and looking out the front opening of the tent straight out at the ocean. Watching as the sun took it’s first glimpse above the horizon as a new dawn began each day from our pillow was incredible.


Taking one step outside the tent and feeling the sand under our feet. The coolness of the sand and the unequivocal Australianism of sand between your toes first thing every day is amazing.


I loved being bare foot all day every day.


Putting up the tent for the first time on Fraser Island


Daily Routine

Our daily shower was an early morning swim in the ocean. We would wake around 5am, admire the sunrise, enjoy a wonderful breakfast before putting on some board shorts and Adele in her bikinis and enjoy the most liberating and amazing swim to start the day.

It is crazy just how amazing it would make you feel. Man I felt alive!!


Tent Camping and waking up to a magnificent sunrise on Fraser Island


In the afternoons we would rinse off under our solar shower and it was amazing how hot the water was after a day baking in the sun.

The tent held up really well to the rainy night we had on Fraser and a very windy night on Moreton.

We were in bed most nights at 7.30 and awake at Sunrise and we loved that.

Our new double burner stove was perfect and allowed us to cook a big variety of meals. Adele made the most amazing Pizza’s on the burner, they were super delicious!


Sleeping in the tent was so much cooler. Outside with the ocean breezes and an air bed that actually becomes cold through the night. We had to create a thick liner between the bed and us to keep ourselves warm during the night from the coolness of the air bed.

Being in a tent forces you outside. There’s not a lot to do inside the tent so you sleep in there and not much else. The rest of the day you are outside, experiencing adventure, interacting with nature and enjoying the beauty of the great Australian outdoors.


Stunning sunset on Moreton Island
Tent Camping on Fraser Island


Our Camping Equipment:

We borrowed a mate’s Coleman Riverview 8 Tent. We wanted to keep the size to a minimum to save on space and weight and it was perfect for us for these camping trips.

There was plenty of room inside and the simplicity of it was awesome for packing and unpacking, especially as we setup 3 times as we moved around on Fraser Island.

My mate also lent us his PRIMUS 60L dual zone fridge/freezer plus his 200amp AGM battery to run it. This was a lifesaver and was so perfect for us. It drew little power and worked ridiculously well.

We had our Waeco 35L fridge which we ran from our 120amp Lithium battery. We ended up turning this one off after a few days and didn’t even take it to Moreton Island.


Tent Camping and waking up to the magnificent sunrises on Fraser Island


The portable toilet was a Kings model you can buy from the 4wd Supacentre. We paid just $79, heaps less than other ones we looked at. It was excellent and worked perfectly.

Our portable 2 burner cooktop is a Campmaster we bought on special from Big W for just $35. We really loved it and didn’t bother taking our Weber Baby Q with us and now don’t think we will need it. The Portable burner did everything we wanted and it’s so much more compact and easy to use.


Adele fishing on Moreton Island


For lighting we had our Ryobi 18v area light plus my awesome aircraft grade aluminum 1000 lumen torch. If needed we also had lighting from the canopy of the 4wd.

Our Solar shower was less than $10 from 4wd Supacentre and it also worked perfectly. Afternoon showers were fabulous and after the day in the sun the water was genuinely hot.

I did put a hole into our first one when on Fraser, it was my fault as I put it up on a branch with a broken branch behind it that punctured a hole, but at $9.95 it was no issue to replace it again.


Dingo checking out our campsite on Fraser Island


Camping Royalty

The Royal Chair that Queen Adele would sit and wave to passing 4wd’s was so good but sadly it too succumbed to a Dingo attack on Fraser Island and it had to go to Royal heaven. We got it on special at Big W for just $15 but it was the last one and now we can’t get another.

It was so comfy and we had to fill the base with water which gave it weight and kept it stable, unless of course you sit in it on top of a dune and it does backflips and rolls over and breaks your rib. Poor Adele, was so bloody funny though lol


Adele sitting in the Royal Chair waving to passing 4wds


It had been about 25 years since we last went camping in a tent and back then it was with an old tucker box with Dry Ice and we had to dig holes to go to the toilet. For cooking we had to lug around a gas bottle and stove and also a gas light. Camping is way easier today with the more modern and sophisticated tools at our disposal.


If you haven’t been camping in a tent recently, consider the opportunity to go back to basics and embrace life in it’s most simple form.


My Tip for Tent Camping: Check weather forecast first, it’s a lot less fun if it is raining and or there are gusting winds.


Safe Travels

Kev & Adele
Indefinite Leave


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and Exploring Fraser Island Beaches, Tracks, Creeks and Rocks by 4wd


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Adventurers Diary

Our Best Travel Tips

It’s 1398 days on a road trip of a lifetime for us at Indefinite Leave and we have loved every single moment, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything that comes with it, so we have had plenty of time to identify our our best travel tips for you.

4 years ago we came to a point where we knew we wanted more. Work was killing us, we had become lost in city life, our morals had become corrupted. Our lives felt mundane, every day was like Groundhog day and the stress and pressure of work, a mortgage, more bills, housework and everything else we all deal with was taking a toll. Our desire to travel and explore was off the Richter scale.

We needed more, we wanted to see magnificent sunsets, be amazed by an outback night sky, interact with animals in the wild and experience places we had never been.


Our Best Travel Tips - Moreton Island


The Changes in our 4 years

A lot has changed since we left, we started out as 4 and now we are 2. Our eldest son Matt was with us for the first 2 years and when he finished up just before Christmas 2017 he was a new man. He found happiness, he found joy, he had so many great new friends, he had new skills and he was more confident. We miss having Matt with us but his time had come to create his own new life.

We also started with our beautiful Golden Retriever named MACKS. Wow, she had a ball traveling the country with us for her last 16 months. Devastatingly we had to let her go in June 2017 as arthritis had crippled her.

Kev was a complete frog when we left and really felt the cold. Now the cold doesn’t bother him so much and he swims in much cooler waters than ever before. His fishing hasn’t improved though haha

Adele is really enjoying life without work. Much less stress, far more sleep. Not so many nights laying in bed with her mind racing thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow at work. This lifestyle really suits us both.


Climbing Mt Kosciuszko - Sitting on Top of Australia

Our Best Travel Tips For You

For the last 1398 days this has been our experience, so here’s our best travel tips for you:

– Embrace everything about life on the road. There will be bad days and very bad days. But they will be outweighed and outnumbered by the good days.

– Say Hello to everyone you meet. A simple question like how long are you staying or where are you from can open the door to amazing new friendships. Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

– Australian Wildlife and Marinelife is amazing.

– Say yes. Don’t overthink things, bad weather, rough track, a bit unsure, just do it!!

– Found a nice secluded spot to yourselves? Crank some great music up a bit, spread out, have a glass or 3, dance and live the moment.


Lake Birrabeen on Fraser Island


– It’s all about Freedom. Open space with nowhere to be.

– There’s nothing better than a great fire beside a river or on the beach, a few beers/rums and wine, new mates and a view to die for.

– See Australia, don’t just exist out there. Climb that Gorge, walk that trail, take that scenic flight, visit those caves, do the Gaol tour, go on the fishing charter, see that island. Because it’s about experiences.

– The human mind and body can do a lot more than you think it can.

– Live life on your own terms. Make your own daily choices and live irresponsibly.

– You can make more money at home but you may only have one chance to really explore Australia. Do it while you can.

– Don’t rush, see everything you possibly can. Uluru, Karijini, Kakadu, The Cape are all a long way. You will probably never get there again so take your time and enjoy the moments for as long as you can.

– It’s an adventure, not a holiday.

– No stress allowed!! So be sure to leave it at home.

– Fall in love with your partner all over again.


Best Travel Tips - Fall in love with your partner all over again

– It’s all about the journey.

– Get a Samsung phone. Their cameras are amazing.

– Get lost. Literally, go get lost and enjoy the experience.

– Step out of your comfort zone and do what scares you.

– Leave behind life as you know it and build a newer, better, more adventurous you.

– Don’t turn on TV, it’s just junk and because it can be depressing.

– Telstra or Boost, because that’s your only options.


Best Travel Tips - A 4wd does get you places others can't


Wikicamps is your Bible but the best places are found by chatting to other people.

– A 4wd does get you places others can’t. So will being self contained.

– Free camp. You will meet more people, friendlier people, have more space and privacy and love the experience more.

– You will see more and it will cost a lot less without your pet.

– When you’ve decided the absolute minimum ‘must take’ essentials for your trip, then reduce it again.

– Back up your photos often because it’s beyond tragic if you lose all of those memories.


What are your best travel tips? Share them in the comments below 🙂


Safe travels

Kev & Adele
Indefinite Leave

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Motorhomes vs Caravans

Magnificent Honeymoon Bay NSW


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Adventurers Diary

Motorhomes vs Caravans – the facts

Motorhomes vs Caravans! This is a discussion we hear so often, so what’s better, Caravans or Motorhomes?

This question is messaged to us a lot. We read about it online all the time and it’s a constant in discussions around the campfire and at Happy Hour all across the country. I even went and watched my mates in my old cricket team play yesterday and one of them brought up the subject.


Motorhomes V Caravans - the facts


Which is fine except it rarely involves the Facts!!

In most cases those who own Caravans argue why they are better while Motorhome owners inherently argue why theirs is better.

Neither Motorhomes or Caravans are perfect

The truth is, neither is better than the other.

Each one has benefits the other one doesn’t have.

Now of course there’s numerous other options too including Fifth Wheelers, Campervans (whizz bangers), Camper Trailers, Slide Ons, Tents, Swags and more. But most people travel in Caravans or Motorhomes and these are the two that are almost always discussed in comparisons so I’ll stick with just talking about them today.

It’s at this point I’ll stick up my hand and say I’ve never owned a Caravan. I’ve towed trailers and boats and all sorts of things but never a Caravan. Personally I’d be happy if I never did but the reality is it’s probably inevitable that one day we will.

Our choice of weapon for our almost 4 years so far around Australia is a Motorhome. We met, traveled with and spent so much time with others who tow Caravans. We saw their processes, watched them as we followed up the highways and of course discussed their caravans in length over many dampers and a Rum or three around a fire at night. I think I’ve got something of a grasp on towing a Caravan however admittedly not the experience.


Free Camping in our Motorhome

Our decision not to tow

We decided from the beginning not to tow. We thought if we needed a vehicle we would use a Taxi or hire a car. On a couple of occasions, we did use Taxi’s but never ended up hiring a vehicle. We’ve heard others say the same thing, we’ll just hire a car, but that didn’t happen for us and it really isn’t a solution either.

We chose not to tow because we thought the size of our 8m Motorhome was already big enough to deal with and we didn’t want the extra cost of maintaining another vehicle.

But let’s be honest, most travelers traverse the country by Caravan which has to suggest for most people it is the preferred method.


Motorhomes v Caravans - the facts


If we were starting over again and I knew then what I know now, I’d have still chosen a Motorhome but I would have taken a trailer and a decent 4wd. But we were complete rookies and we are very happy with the decisions we made, they were the right choices for us at that time.

Read all about our decision for buying our Motorhome here

The Motorhomes vs Caravans Debate

Let’s look at the argument, Caravans vs Motorhomes.

The 2 favourite lines by Caravan owners are:

With a Caravan you can unhook and use your car!!

This is true and it is the greatest benefit of Caravans vs Motorhomes. It can be counter claimed by Motorhome owners that they too can tow a vehicle. This is a fair argument however it does have limitations. Towed vehicles are almost always a Suzuki which are the most suitable to be flat towed. Some travelers will tow a trailer but weight limits usually see this method also limit the Motorhome to towing a smaller car such as the Suzuki or similar.


Motorhomes and Caravans on display at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show


The benefit here of the Caravan is the tow vehicle is normally a larger 4wd. With this option you can take a Swag, small tent or similar and leave the Caravan behind for days to go off track and see more places. Realistically it simply opens more doors to see more places.


There’s also beach camping such as 80 Mile Beach and Warroora Station in WA, some amazing places along the beaches at the bottom of WA, Gibb River Rd, Carmila Beach in Qld, Cape York, Tomato Island and Roper Bar, Gunlom Falls in the NT and no doubt the list goes on and on of great places a 4wd and Caravan can go that a Motorhome can’t or shouldn’t.

This is without doubt the greatest benefit of a Caravan over a Motorhome.

Check out our video of how we almost got bogged in the motorhome!


Sunset reflecting on our motorhome at 1770

Motorhomes vs Caravans – the facts

So lets look at the Facts:

Common statement: In a Motorhome you have to pack up everything to go to the shops to buy Bread or Milk!!

Despite what too many people proclaim, you never have to “pack everything up” to go down the shop to get milk and bread. NEVER HAPPENS!!

Never, Ever, Ever!!

When you arrive in town in a Motorhome if you need groceries you go get them. If not, you are either towing a vehicle or, if like us you only have the Motorhome, then you are going out most days anyway.

We don’t set up like you do in a Caravan. We don’t put out an annexe, actually we often didn’t even put out the awning. No awning mats, no ropes, no permanent structure. It takes little more than 5 mins to put a few bits of cutlery away, bring in the slide-out, take down our curtain, unplug the power if on a powered site and be driving away.


Aerial view of freecamping with our motorhome at McGaurans Beach


It’s simple and easy and not once did we ever have to do that because we needed to go around to the shop for milk. Lets debunk that myth now forever.


Shops are often walking distance anyway but again, it was never an issue and I don’t remember ever needing to walk to the shops to buy something we needed.


Motorhome Benefits

Motorhomes don’t roll over.

Ok sure, it’s possible, but it’s so rare it’s reasonable to say it never happens. Stories of Caravans rolling over however seem to be a daily occurrence. It’s so common there’s enormous debate about whether Caravan owners should have a special license and we are now seeing weigh stations popping up around the country to police it.

This was a major factor for us deciding to choose a Motorhome.


Motorhome V Caravans - the facts


In a Motorhome we can stay places you can’t in a Caravan

We stealth camp!!

There I’ve said it. We keep it a secret because we know there’s always going to be those that want to tell everyone else how they should live their life and how there’s rules against it blah blah. The very politicians who make our rules break rules themselves every day of the week. Much much bigger rules that have far greater impact than us pulling up somewhere for the night.

Anyway, I digress 🙂

We can park places you couldn’t get away with in a Caravan. Hotel carparks, Shopping Centre carparks, Sportsgrounds, general parks and boat ramps. We’ve stayed in them all and more and whilst some Caravan owners might too, it’s much easier to do in a Motorhome and get away with it.

(I just know I’m going to regret disclosing this… )


It’s cheaper in a Motorhome

With our Kitchen with us everywhere we went, we never ate out. Our food, drinks and cooking equipment were always on hand saving us heaps.

We also liked never needing to find public toilets let alone having to use one. Our bathroom was always with us.

If we pulled up somewhere and thought let’s go for a swim or get out the fishing rods, our gear was always there.

We also never found ourselves annoyed because we left the camera behind.

Our Motorhome has 6 tyres, 2 less than many 4wd and caravan setups.

1 vehicle to maintain unless you choose to tow.

No hitching and unhitching. As you get older for many it becomes a chore.

Motorhomes rarely get stolen. Caravans are a definite target for lowlife thieves.


Willow RV Caravan on display at the Caravan & Camping Show


Caravan Benefits

You can go more places. As discussed previously, the 4wd opens up so many more places a Motorhome just doesn’t often allow you.

More space. The 4wd gives you the whole tray and with a rooftop rack you can get a lot more up there too. We looked at Caravans recently at the Brisbane Camping Show and they don’t seem to have the external storage we do with our Motorhome though.

Having your base. It’s great that you can park the Caravan and know you have that base to come back to in the afternoon that’s all set up and you can just walk in and relax. It only takes us 10 minutes in the Motorhome but sometimes after a long day it would be great to just turn off the ignition and reach for the esky for a cold beverage.

The 4wd is perfect for carrying firewood. We didn’t have anywhere external for that and the one time we decided to get some firewood and we put it inside the Motorhome, we ended up with white ants inside. Never again!!

Lots of people do have external setups in their Motorhome for firewood but it’s so much simpler and easier with a 4wd.

Securing your Campsite

Knowing your Campsite is secure when you leave for the day. In our almost 4 years we never once came back to find someone had taken our spot. We always left our table and chairs out and all was fine when we returned. We did often comment, I wonder if our stuff is still there or wonder if someone has taken our spot. It never happened but it was something that would briefly be on your mind as we drove back. Not such an issue with a Caravan, you just hope the Van is still there I guess lol


The fuel economy from my experiences reading and talking to both Caravan and Motorhome owners is they are pretty similar. As mentioned though, we weren’t towing a vehicle. Smaller Motorhomes than ours and those without the overhead cabin that we have would achieve better fuel economy and probably be more fuel efficient than most 4wd and Caravan setups.


We now do own a 4wd, having bought a Triton recently. So far we have used the 4wd for trips to Fraser Island and Moreton Island so no major trips where we have had to decide how we incorporate both vehicles but that time will come very soon.


There it is, my thoughts on the real differences between a Caravans vs Motorhomes. Sure, there are other factors but I think these are the major differences.

What are your thoughts regarding Motorhomes vs Caravans?


If you’re considering which way to go for your Big Lap of Oz, hopefully we’ve given you some valid points to consider. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it and enjoy the adventure 🙂


Safe travels

Kev & Adele
Indefinite Leave


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