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Free Camps

Free Camps are a popular choice for road trippers as many travelers doing their big lap are on a tight budget. By saving on accommodation it stretches their dollars further allowing them to put the money saved towards doing tours or experiences .

What do you need to be able to stay in Free Camps?

Most importantly, you will need to be self-contained. Being self-contained means having a tank fitted to your Caravan or Motorhome that will automatically capture the grey water. Grey Water is the water remaining after a shower and washing.

In some Free Camping areas and Campgrounds you will be required to store your Grey Water and not release it on to the ground around you. The TYTO RV Park in Ingham at the Information Centre is an example of one of a number of such locations.

TYTO RV Park in Ingham
TYTO RV Park in Ingham

Also having your own shower and toilet on board is definitely beneficial as some free camping areas do not provide any facilities – no water, toilets/showers or bins.

Where do you find Free Camps?

There are literally hundreds of free camping areas available around Australia and we have stayed in so many of them. Free Camps can be found by the beach, by a river, in the heart of a town and even in National Parks.

Mc Gaurans Beach, one of the best Free Camps by the beach
McGaurans Beach, Victoria

For a great insight into all of the free camps that we have stayed in as we travel Australia, simply go to Indefinite Leave to the Where to Stay Tab at the top of our website and click on Free Camps. You can also search by State from the Destinations Tab.

One good way of finding Free Camping areas in some small towns is to talk to the locals. We have had a few locals share with us some great spots to camp for free that you won’t find on any app or website. They can be a great source of information.

Phone apps such as WikiCamps and CamperMate also provide a thorough list of Free Camps around Australia. WikiCamps costs just $7.95 to purchase whilst CamperMate is Free.

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The Benefits of Free Camping

  1. Save money on Accommodation
  2. More Space
  3. Friendlier People

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Corella Dam is ranked No. 3 in our Best Free Camps in Australia
Corella Dam Free Camp

Our Best Free Camps in Australia

We have experienced so many fabulous free camps first hand as we have been road tripping around Australia for over r years. From our first hand experience, we have compiled Our 22 Best Free Camps in Australia in order to highlight to other travelers just some of these amazing places to stay .

From our experience, here are some of our favourites:

  • Gregory River, Queensland
  • Bay of Fires, Tasmania
  • Corella Dam, Queensland
  • Quicks Beach, New South Wales
  • Henty Park , Victoria

Check out our walk through video reviews of our Top 5 Free Camping areas here:

Gregory River Free Camp

Swimcart Beach Free Camp, Bay of Fires

Corella Dam Free Camp

Quicks Beach Free Camp, Murray River

Henty Park Campground Portland

Gregory River is one of the best Free Camps
Gregory River

Our Aim

To inspire others to travel and help design the greatest adventure they can experience.

By sharing information on where to stay, hopefully this makes your life easier and saves your time having to research camping options.

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Safe and happy travels

Kev & Adele

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